Fair Warning: We are not normal.

“It has been suggested that originality demands a degree of lunacy.”

What possesses people with the need to broadcast their daily lives on the internet?  What is the draw to put out there for the masses your every thought, every action, every opinion?  I have NO clue. But 9 times out of 10, you’ll find me glued to a phone watching the everyday adventures of some mom hiding in a pantry eating pop tarts. So I guess the question really is, what possesses me, or anyone else, for that matter, to sit and watch other people broadcasting their lives all over the internet?  Well, I have a theory.

These days there’s some hella ridiculousness happening in our world, and sometimes, we just need to check out and take a break from it all, as well as reassure ourselves that there are still people out there like us, living their lives, brightening each other’s days with their jokes, mishaps, and random every day humor.  Somewhere, there is a mom closet-eating the last hot pocket watching Pop Tart Mom hiding from her kids and feeling a little less guilty.  Somewhere, there’s a dad checking his Facebook while his kids run around half naked in yesterday’s clothes and he’s reassured that he’s not the only one completely out of f*cks to give towards the daily routine and has already just about had it at 9:42 in the morning.  Somewhere, someone’s $12’s-worth-of-ingredients, Perfectly Effortless Pinterest Keto Paleo Carb Free Avocado Brownies with magic unicorn calorie-free coconut flour are burning onto the bottom of the oven and oozing all over the muffin pan that will be thrown away the minute cools down, that is, of course if the fire department doesn’t get there first, wondering if anyone else has “nailed it” as badly as they have.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we are not perfect.  We are unique, but we’re also a lot of the same.  In a world that is just itching to rip us apart and divide us into oblivion, more now than ever we need to remember we all have a whole lot in common.

So what is making us put our lives out there for all to see?  Well, we have this saying in our house – “Normal is Boring”.  And although most of our friends have heard it, more often than not we hear things like, “you guys just seem to have it all together”, and “how do you manage to do all the things you do?”.  Well, we don’t. We worry.  We drop the ball. We let the dishes pile up.  We wait until we have 3 miles left to fill the gas tank up. We throw everything into one room and close the door when company comes.  Fun fact – it took me two years to start this blog because I kept second guessing myself, wondering what would happen, who would get offended, what would go wrong….and then, I ran out of Fs to give. And I got really honest with myself.  Full disclosure?  I don’t wash my hair and my house is a flippin’ wreck.  I swear like a soldier and I scream at my kids over stupid shit like misplaced mango slicers and the infamous 1/4 inch of milk that NEVER GETS FINISHED.   We don’t have it together.  We are just trying to get by each day – we just realized it’s so much better when we choose to laugh at our shortcomings, embrace our flaws, and let grace get in the front of the line every once in a while. And maybe, somewhere, someone is in desperate need to be reassured that they’re not a complete failure because the floor didn’t get mopped and they’re eating mac and cheese for the 8th night in the row because they just aren’t feeling it this week. 

Oh Sister (okay, and Brother…). Welcome to our tribe. It’s vulgar. It’s imperfect. It’s politically incorrect and unapologetically human. And every once in a while, it’s hilarious.

So sit back, relax, excuse the profanity, and welcome to The Bue Crew – our adventures of life, love, and lunacy.

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